We put the -matic in bonsamatic!

What's all this then?

Once upon a time I had a small server. I used it for backups, storing some Git repos, synchronizing files and reading RSS feeds. It didn't have a domain name or any kind of web site. I naturally never created any public content on it either.

The server is rebuilt now, with a real domain name and a shiny new web frontend. At some point I should put some real content here (suggestions are welcome!). For now, however, I just add a bit of placeholder fluff for you to look at. The picture on the right is of the "Akashi Ohashi", the bridge between the mainland near Akashi and Awaji island in the Seto inland sea. It's a pleasant area and this is one of my favourite pictures.

The name "Bonsamatic", by the way, comes from an old project of mine to build a small plant watering system. I blogged about the first version here. Later I refined the design, but never wrote it up properly. I added a settings mode and a control knob to set the time between each waterings. I also added an analog display with a log view of the time left.

It worked quite well, but in the end it was a bit too limited. We have a dozen house plants that need water when we're traveling and Bonsamatic could only water one or two at the most. We now have a timer and relay connected to a faucet. Still, building Bonsamatic was a fun experience; the main purpose was really in the fun of designing and building it, rather than making a practical device. You can find the software, description and some design documents here on Github. If you by any chance find it useful, let me know!